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Nevertheless, there is much to learn from the research that has been conducted as of present, and one can now better steer research in a direction that will uncover the real benefits and shortcomings of Affirmative Action.

But this latter concept easily slips unnoticed into something quite different. Considerable debate exists as to the appropriate beneficiaries of affirmative action. Colleges have increased recruitment of black freshmen, but only one-third of them ultimately graduate Rodrigue, Black men agedemployed full-time, now earn about 80 percent as much as white men with the same amount of schooling; Hispanic men, between 85 and 90 percent.

Zealousness is an effective way to get attention, but it is not effective in the long run.

Affirmative Action Essay and Coursework Writing Guide

The Shape of the River: Thus, because Asian Americans and women are generally not under-represented among university student bodies, affirmative action admissions for them would now be inappropriate though they should not be singled out for restrictions.

Also, in the past 5 years, two of the nation's largest public universities, California and Texas, have been forced to stop using racial preferences Sanchez.

When the implications are perceived, people soon realize that they do Affirmative action preferential treatment essay believe that justice requires equal results in wealth, status and achievement for every social group.

However, while minorities have had more opportunities, Caucasians have suffered. Affirmative action goes beyond banning negative treatment of members of specified disadvantaged groups to requiring some form of positive treatment in order to equalize opportunity.

The Pro's and Con's of Affirmative Action Essay

Class, Race, and Affirmative Action. When a society does not collect information on the differential circumstances of dominant groups and oppressed groups, such action may be a sign not of color blindness but of trying to hide ongoing mistreatment.

Look no further than ProfEssays. May it take the form of racial preference? The acceptance of equal rights, by a racial majority having ample power to continue, even to enlarge, its privileges, was a moral advance of the highest importance, yet it is scarcely celebrated.

Johnson in to correct past discrimination. Blacks and Social Justice. All of these mechanisms reproduce in the present whatever employment or educational imbalances may have existed previously due to discrimination. Even when racial discrimination is the cause of injury, it is unnecessary as a remedy.

When the victims cannot be made whole, the impulse naturally arises to compensate their descendants. The credentials, qualifications, character, and even the culture of minorities have always been in question and stigmatized in this country.

When the problem is inequality of condition, preferential treatment seems the most direct solution: Some also believe that Affirmative Action devalues the achievements of minorities since credit may be given to race-preferential treatment instead of to the individuals who accomplish those feats; this can lead to further racial prejudice and bias, possibly encouraging the continuation of racial discrimination in job employment.

Affirmative Action Essay - Part 3

Such a principle is now clearly and consistently before us. Many supporters of race-based affirmative action support class-based preferences to supplement, but not supplant, race-based preferences. We fabricate custom essay assignments of matchless standards, the procedure taken by our writers to script top quality affirmative action essay include: Several other cases involving affirmative action have followed similar arguments.

While this view seems very logical on the surface, I contend that it lacks any historical support and is aimed more at preserving existing white 2 privilege than establishing equality of opportunity for all. InPresident Kennedy was the first to use the term "affirmative action" in an Executive Order that directed government contractors to take "affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.

Even more abstract of an argument is the claim that men and women will never reach perfect equality since they inherently desire different careers and hold differing aspirations for lifetime achievements.

But there are additional questions to be answered — is Affirmative Action justified on moral grounds? Critics claim that departure from the principle of merit led to positions being filled by less-qualified people, with a corresponding loss of quality and efficiency in the economy.

If standards for test scores, grade point average, etc. The policies were originally developed to correct decades of discrimination and to give disadvantaged minorities a boost.

For example, if the goal of a police department is to serve and protect its community, and if in a particular multiracial city with a history of racial tension the police department is all white because of previous discrimination, it may well be that a new black officer will better help the department serve the community than would a white officer who scored slightly higher on some standardized test.

In fact, women who benefit from Affirmative Action are much less likely than racial minorities to be lower-qualified and less-skilled, suggesting that implementing a preferential treatment policy may be inequitable in this case. A Clear and Present Danger to the Republic?

Affirmative Action Essay

It is condescending to minorities to say they need affirmative action to succeed. If this equality does not appear in actual experience, one can interpret deficiencies as the effects of past discrimination.

Affirmative Action Essay and Coursework Writing Guide

The school had a policy of rating potential applicants on a point system. When these criteria are not met, the justice of compensation disappears. Although the issue has been exploited for partisan gain, the Democrats are not blameless for some of the current attacks on affirmative action.

An Ethical and Practical Defense of Affirmative Action Affirmative action has been the subject of increasing debate and tension in American society.Affirmative Action Essay - Part 3. Affirmative action is the name of an American social practice through which members of historically disadvantaged racial and/or ethnic groups are given preferential treatment in an effort to compensate for past harm caused to their ancestors - Affirmative Action Essay introduction.

The Case Against Affirmative Action Louis P. Pojman.

Why We Still Need Affirmative Action

In this essay I set forth nine arguments against Strong Affirmative Action, which I define as preferential treatment, discriminating in favor of members of under-represented groups, which have been treated unjustly in the past, against innocent people.

An important and often scrutinized factor is the use of affirmative action in admissions. While affirmative action should not hold the weight it does in admissions currently, it seems that people are unaware of the other preferential treatments given to.

Deborah A. Ballam,Affirmative Action: Purveyor of Preferential Treatment or Guarantor of Equal Opportunity - A Call for a Revisioning of Affirmative Action, 18 BerkeleyJ. Emp. Affirmative Action in College Admissions Affirmative Action has become one of the most controversial issues regarding college admissions.

It is an issue that exposes profiling to its highest extent. It is an issue that exposes profiling to its highest extent.

Affirmative action refers to programs designed to assist disadvantaged groups of people by giving them certain preferences. Affirmative action goes beyond banning negative treatment of members of specified disadvantaged groups to requiring some form of positive treatment in order to equalize opportunity.

Affirmative action preferential treatment essay
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